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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Little Hands and Polish

For a while now our youngest daughter loves having her nails painted. All different colours most of the time. I tried to let the varnish come off by itself rather than using harsh nail varhish remover which does sting her tiny fingers sometimes.
I was sent some EDEN natural nail polish remover by Nicola Dickson from
www.freshtherapies.com which came in a gorgeous little sample pot. My daughter was very impressed with it. It was like a fairy's bottle :-)
We had recently painted her nails multi-coloured for a change and she wanted to change to purple. I used two drops from the tiny bottle and one cotton pad. It removed all the nail varnish and smelt like limes. No wriggly fingers as there was no stinging at all.
I would highly recommend this product especially if you use as much nail varnish as we do in our house! It is especially great for children's pamper parties or for children in general.
At £9 a bottle it is a bit expensive but it is a large bottle and I would imagine it would last quite a while.

This natural polish remover is not harmful to you or your nails in anyway. It will not damage the natural oil within your nails leaving them weak, dry and brittle.
In fact, instead of drying out your nails it actually moisturises the nail and surrounding cuticles.
EDEN Natural Nail Polish Remover works perfectly on all types of nail polish, but is not suitable for polish coating false nails.
The natural polish remover is translucent with a fragrant smell which includes a hint of lime for freshness. Free from any artificial acetones, EDEN ensures you won't be left with any lingering reminders of your nail polish remover.

Coming soon to our Beauty page Look out for EDEN on our website!

Peg 'n' caravan

Caravanning in Woolacombe for half term I took a peg peopl making kit with us for those rainy afternoons.
This Wooden Clothes Peg People Craft Kit makes a great craft idea for children 4- 10 years.
The craft kit includes 5 wooden clothes pegs, assorted wools, assorted felt and fabric, pack of felt pens and pva glue.Each kit will encourage children to colour and design their own peg people, make clothes for them and add wool hair
Each craft kit comes in its own hand designed gift bag - making them lovely gifts and extra special ideas for children.
The peg kit comprises of instructions, pegs, pens, glue, wool and material. The girls started with getting everything out.
These are a great idea for rainy days and holidays! 
Available on our website soon but if you can't wait please visit www.nedayscrafts.com 

Rapunzel and her prince by Niamh age 4